Friday, May 6, 2016

The Fantastic Desi Dog

There is something unusually fantastic about the desi dog. It’s a dog breed we see daily out on the streets and everywhere else. Many people keep it as pets although it is not really seen as a classy option for a pet. But there is something absolutely fantastic about this breed of dog that makes it different from the rest of the imported breeds that we come across and makes it unique and special in its own way.

Speaking in more professional terms, the desi dog is known among pet lovers as the Indian Native Dog or the INDog. It is a species native to the Indian subcontinent and is a part of the worldwide family of pariah dogs who are the direct genetic descendants of wolves without any hybridisation. The Indian pariah dog is a part of the same global family from which belong some of the oldest surviving dog breeds such as the Canaan Dog of Israel and Dingo of Australia.

Desi dogs are often dismissed as street dogs or mongrels with little value as pets. They are not seen as a viable option by affluent pet keepers and are often ignored in favour of breeds imported from outside. Almost every dog breed in India apart from the desi dog is an imported variety. But desi dogs are unique in their own ways and are perhaps best suited to be man’s best friend as per the standards and conditions of India. They are rarely kept as pets among the rich and affluent but are widely accepted among the lower sections of society as good pets. The thing with them is that they are readily available everywhere and there is no breeding programme for them as is the case with the imported breeds. Anybody can pick up a desi dog from anywhere on the streets and keep it as a pet without having to worry for paying for it.

Nowadays many animal NGOs and pet foundations have organised drives for people to adopt desi dog puppies. This is a more systematic and proper way to adopt a desi dog instead of just randomly picking any one puppy from the street.

The desi dog has many advantages to its credit that the imported breeds do not have. India is a country with a largely hot and tropical climate. Most imported dogs are not suited for such a hot climate and hence extra efforts need to be taken to keep them confortable. This is not so with the desi dog. They are acclimatised to withstand hot temperatures and can easily survive in the hot Indian summer, something which is rather difficult for the imported breeds. The desi dog also has a thin fur coat which makes it a better survivor in a hot country like India. Their thin and coarse fur coats make it easier for their owners to maintain them as they don’t need much grooming. Bathing them just once a week is more than enough to keep them clean and healthy.

Speaking of the health part, these dogs are also sturdily built and are not prone to diseases. They are a hardy breed of dogs as they have the original hunter genes of their ancestors who directly descended from wolves which makes them very energetic by nature. Hence they do not contract many diseases during their lifetimes and live up to a long lifespan of around ten years.

The desi dog is perhaps one of the most intelligent breed of dogs in the world. They are very easy to train and can be very good guard dogs. They learn tricks fast and are ever alert. They have a strong sense of smell and have been very helpful in sniffing out explosives in the Naxal affected areas of the country. I come from a family that has always kept desi dogs as pets and our experience in training them has been very pleasant. They are loyal, level headed and very good when it comes to being watchdogs.

These dogs also make great additions to the family and are comfortable with people around them. They are fun to play with and can become a member of your family in no time.

Desi dogs deserve the love and respect that imported breeds normally get in our country. These are a species of dogs indigenous to our country and we should strive to making them popular among the masses and also globally as pets. They are the best suited pets for India as per climate and other standards. If you are planning to adopt a puppy in the future, go for a desi dog. I guarantee you will not regret it. 

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